A downloadable WW1 aerial combat game

The sun is rising over the horizon as you leave the barracks. Your plane is fuelled up. Your MG is fully loaded and your light, hand dropped bombs are on board. You are ready. Your mission is to bravely enter enemy airspace and, with great daring, face your enemy. By sneaking in alone, you have the element of surprise and can take out targets quickly!

Great Pilots is a fun, arcade-style game set in World War I.  It's Keep Playing Games' first game and still very much as work-in-progress.  Here's the TLDR:

  • Choose from a variety of historical aircraft that were used during the war.
  • Wisely use your machine gun and bombs to strafe targets and complete objectives.
  • Enemies will eventually start to shoot back!

Great Pilots can be controlled with either a keyboard or a game controller.  The game also saves its progress every time a sortie completes.

Pitch PlaneUp/Down ArrowLeft-stick
RollLeft CtrlY
Fire Machine Gun
Drop Bomb

Great Pilots is now launched on Steam!   

Our screenshots have been updated to show updated game play.

The launch release of Great Pilots has 40 levels and 9 player airplanes!

Face increasing challenges as you progress through WWI!

You even have to face the Red Baron!


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You can also see the progress we've made over the last few months!

Please try Great Pilots and thank you for your support!


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This is fun! You have the core plane controls done well, now I think the game would really benefit from some animations to bring the plane and the world to life. Thanks for letting us play the alpha and provide feedback!

Thanks for your feedback!  Totally agree on the animations. The world around the player needs to breath and that's in the plan for the complete game!